WP1: Project administration and science management

WP1 will constitute a separate management work package for overseeing the project and, importantly, ensuring science integration between

WPs and researchers (e.g. coordinating delivery of internal reports and joint analysis/paper writing across WPs). A science leadership position is required because of the size, complexity, and interdisciplinarity of the project. To further assist in this goal, a Project Board consisting of all WP leaders will be established to ensure a common understanding of research across different disciplines, negotiate potential changes in the project and promote interdisciplinarity.

The board will meet once a year and will make decisions if disagreements between researching teams cannot be solved. In addition to management roles, the project administrator/science manager in collaboration with the Communication Officer will be responsible for the selection of chapters and editing of the project’s peer-reviewed book “Developing

Norway's future bioeconomy: a collective vision” (in Norwegian) (see WP11).

WP leader: Dr Rob Burton, Ruralis. Additional participants: BIOSMART Project Board