How to manage the transition into a smart bioeconomy?


Barriers in the Bioeconomy

14. March 2018

The Norwegian government have assigned cross-sectoral cooperation as a prerequisite to succeed with the bioeconomy, but the effort to achieve this objective has …

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Those with lowest expectations needs more involvement

7. March 2018

Expectations towards the bioeconomy varies considerably between sectors, which hampers the transition towards a bioeconomy society. Simultaneously, the identified sector differences hints about …

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Technology, society and the bio economy

28. February 2018

Biosmart’s seminar at the NIBIO conference filled the premises with scientists from a variety of disciplines. New technology creates several possibilities in the …

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Mapping the bioeconomy in Norway

21. November 2017

To know which parts of the country have the greatest potential for bioeconomic development requires an updated mapping of the volume, quality and …

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Biosmart is an interdisciplinary project divided into nine different work packages. The project will include several researchers from different institutes.

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Biosmart will include researchers from Ruralis, NTNU, NIBIO, NMBU, SINTEF, Agripol and Norut.

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Biosmart will result in an edited book consisting of chapters from the results from the work packages.

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What is biosmart?

Biosmart aims to explore the societal shift needed to develop an economy based on resources that can be grown (forestry) or farmed (farming, fisheries) from today's economy based on non-renewable resources.

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