WP1: Project administration and science management WP1 will constitute a separate management work package for overseeing the project and, importantly, ensuring science ...... Read more

Foresight analysis

  WP2: Foresight analysis – envisioning an integrated bioeconomy At the centre of the project will be a Foresight Analysis (FA) Godet et ...... Read more


  WP3: Understanding transitions in bioeconomic value-chains As a tool for understanding bioeconomic transition in Norway BIOSMART will use a transition theory framework. ...... Read more

Social Acceptability

  WP4: Social Acceptability Public opinion will play a key role in Norway’s bioeconomic transition as ultimately it is the public as consumers ...... Read more


  WP5: The role of rights in bioeconomic transition Norway’s system of property rights will have a major influence on the nature of ...... Read more


WP6: Resource distribution in the smart bioeconomy The full transition to a bioeconomy will require a massive shift in resource use. In terms ...... Read more


Location (work package 7) The question of where – a key question also in Biosmart The Bioeconomy is based on extraction of spatially ...... Read more


  WP8: Exploring the sustainability of the smart bioeconomy If the 2030 bioeconomy is to be “smart” then it has to be sustainable. ...... Read more


WP9: The creation of value-added in the smart bioeconomy Value creation in the bioeconomy depends on not only on production technology and market ...... Read more


WP10: Integrated governance policy for bioeconomic transition The transition to a bioeconomy calls for a shift in both policy and policy research. Specifically, ...... Read more


  WP11: Communication The level of social transformation required for the development of the bioeconomy means that there is a need to generate ...... Read more