Foresight analysis

As a major research exercise, Biosmart covers many aspects of this transition. The key component will be a foresight analysis of 1500 Norwegian businesses to ascertain what the needs of the five key biosectors (farming, forestry, fisheries, bioscience, industry) are and where there is potential for integration.

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Case studies

At the same time we will use case studies to look at how technology transitions in the biosector developed in the past and issues that needed to be overcome. Social acceptability of bioeconomy outcomes will be a critical part of the analysis, as will the issue of how bioeconomic development affects and is affected by rights issues in Norway (e.g. property and IP rights).


Two partner organisations will look at issues that facilitate bioeconomic development namely, resource distribution and possible economic outcomes (NORUT) and the optimal location of development (Skog og landskap/Sintef), while Bioforsk and NTNU will explore the impact of bioeconomic development on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and energy efficiency.

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